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You can also find me at these places! Feel free to contact me at any of them for any messages, questions, or concerns that you may have. ♥


2 thoughts on “☆ Contact

  1. Hello! I may be asking a bit of a personal question, don’t feel like you have to answer! I love your work, you’re super, and I was so happy for you when you announced you’re transgender, I hope the confidence to make that decision pays off and turns to happiness! I have someone close to me who may be nearing the same decision. Stress, unsurity, worry, the whole package. I was wondering if you could share your story and this person and I could possibly benefit by what you have to say on the matter? Sorry if my sentences seem scattered, I’m not a good writer…

    1. I was actually thinking about sharing my story but I’m not sure if I want to make that video yet. Coming to terms with being trans and accepting yourself can be hard, and coming out to people and hoping they accept you too can be even harder since it’s very hard to know how anyone will react to it. I’ve been extremely lucky and have been met with so much love and support, but many others sadly can’t say the same. I will definitely consider your request, and if there is a demand for it, I will definitely talk about it for sure ; A ; ❤ I wish all the best to you and the person close to you, as well as much happiness too ; v ; ❤

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